Comanche 4 League History

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History brief
Authored by Reaper
The information presented here was sourced using the wayback machine web archive to recover data from the original league websites.

League Founding
The Comanche 4 League was founded 2nd November 2003 by UK-Fighter & Remnant as the first organized squad competition league for Comanche 4. UK-Fighter & Remnant developed and deployed the competition format the
league would use in large part for the rest of itís existence.
The first games started 1st January 2004.

The league was designed to play matches using 5 members per team, With
many of the best squads in Comanche 4 competing. The matches were played
on servers with auto explode running, the game version could be either v1  or
v2 with V2 being the default game version used. Competition format was team
death match played in matches of best of 5 games wins, each game set for
15 minutes with the scoring set for unlimited kills. The league ran for 3
seasons with league champions crowned at the end of each season.

League champions

Season 1 ( May 16, 2004 ) Champion was SON

Season 2 ( Aug 10 , 2004  ) Champion was a tie between SON and EFA

Season 3 ( Nov 21 , 2004 ) Champion was KA7

The first 5 squads that joined the league included 


Web sites
The first league website was designed by Remnant and UK-Fighter and
hosted at ( ) using the domain 
The league then changed web hosts and domains. The new website was administrated by Wiper 6. The new site had a most unique color scheme
and boasted flash animations with a complete information format. The site
included, both league information and game tip /tech links to many of the
game tactics and help websites online at the time.

The League information also included Multi-language translations for 
non-english speaking squads. Over all the site was well
designed and judging by th data still availible via the wayback machine,
well maintained while the league was active and Wiper was doing the site.

League "about us" statement
Welcome to the Comanche 4 League Site. The Comanche 4 League, and this site are dedicated to the continuation of Squad Play in NovaLogic's Masterpiece - Comanche 4. Create a squad, and come and play with us !

The League is a democracy, and each squad has one vote. Whenever we have an issue or someone wants to change things up a bit, we vote on it.

The First League Season Began March 6, 2004. The second season is set to begin
in June 2004. The Leauge is a non-registered not-for-profit organization whose managing members donate their time, and whose voting members ("board") consist of the managing members (currently 2) and member Squads (one vote each). The league has no assets and all management, web space, software, CPU time, etc. is donated. The league primarily exists as a "web based entity". The league would like to thank all the software, media, and other entities whose clips, art, sound bytes, and other work have been used to enhance the site. We have tried to credit each and every instance of other people's work on the Sponsors & Credits page, however, if you see your work here and it is not credited properly, please notify us and we will rectify the mistake immediately.

League Member  Credits

Original Site and League format designed by Remnant and UKFighter
Wiper 6 site admin
Diablo CFS rules en Espanol translation
Killme German rules translation
Jin_und d[--]b for German tactical translation
madrocker for virtual C4 League Trophy
Match server donations : APS, EFA, SAI, LRS, BKC and FWD 

League Reps
Wiper 6 aka nakulak
killme FWD

Note !
This page contains images, flash graphics and other content taken from the C4 League site archives. An attempt to contact the league site admin was made
to get permission to use the content, however it was unsuccessful.

The color scheme, flash animations and other content from the original site
have been included in this history page to give the impression of
how the league site appeared as part of the league history.

The owner of the original content is welcome to contact me if they would
like the content removed and I will do so.
C4 League
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