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Name: Bullet~1Cav~
Email: jhwoods4@pmt.org
Date: Sat Nov 15 16:21:27 EST 2003
Looks good...we need a few more pilots. We can get 4 steady at this time but are trying to recruit.


Name: Reddraco~1Cav~
Email: ajravenpd@sbcglobal.net
Date: Sat Nov 15 19:45:24 EST 2003
Hey man, just checking out the site.

Name: MasterX
Email: webmaster@graebtech.com
Date: Sat Nov 15 21:38:50 EST 2003
Wazzup Everyone...

Name: MasterX<BKC>
Email: webmaster@graebtech.com
Date: Thu Nov 27 04:12:52 EST 2003
Hey Guys, We got 14 Pilots now!
our url is:
it isnt added to our listing here

Email: christophertinney@hotmail.com
Date: Thu Nov 27 14:26:34 EST 2003
yea sry MasterX i am sure i added it but it didnt seem 2 save or something i will put it in now 4 ya's

Name: Dragon 6 "I.F.S"
Email: dragon670360@yahoo.com
Date: Tue Dec 09 10:31:09 EST 2003
Just like to say whats up to all C4 warriors. Also checking out the site...

Name: Rotor 6 *CFS*
Email: niteswim@adelphia.net
Date: Mon Dec 15 21:20:08 EST 2003
I have moved from the CAV and started another team. We are *CFS* (Comanche Fighter Squadron. We look forward to metting all of you and playing against you. We are recruiting as are all teams right now, but we can be reached at niteswim@adelphia.net.

Name: Tex<*BKC*>
Email: kimflowers666@earthlink.net
Date: Wed Dec 17 12:05:44 EST 2003
Howdy podnahs, good web site keep up the good work. See ya in the sky!

Name: Squinky
Email: spannerboy17@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Feb 10 15:27:03 EST 2004
hey there UK fighter i see your site its pretty cool authough you should actually use your tables page lol aww well see ya Squinky ;-p www.squinky.tk

Email: tomlikesgsxrs@cox.net
Date: Thu Mar 04 02:02:59 EST 2004
sick, but lets see that cool trophy that will never load......

Name: Rotor 6 *CFS*
Email: flycfs@hotmail.com
Date: Tue Mar 09 17:34:11 EST 2004
Checked in Looks Great.. CFS is thinking of joining in. Back to you soon.

Name: FoxtrotMike
Email: fmsieben@t-online.de
Date: Wed Mar 10 06:21:51 EST 2004
super rules, nice website. ty Wiper.

your friend Fox

Name: FoxtrotMike
Email: fmsieben@t-online.de
Date: Wed Mar 10 06:22:20 EST 2004
super rules, nice website. ty Wiper.

your friend Fox

Name: W@tchtower *CFS*
Email: watchtowercfs@verizon.net
Date: Wed Mar 10 11:16:35 EST 2004
Wiper, looking forward to our squad(hopefully) playing in the tourneys. Rotor will let you know. Great job, great site. Keep up the good work for the C4 community.

Name: Widowmaker
Email: WidowmakerFWD@aol.com
Date: Wed Mar 10 19:12:47 EST 2004
I'll try to get the FWD team into this.

Name: WarLocK *CFS*
Email: ryan.kiefel@insighbb.com
Date: Thu Mar 11 21:57:39 EST 2004
sounds great thanks for keepin it alive cant wait to fly in this tournament

Name: DEVIL666=EFA=
Email: masterdevil666@hotmail.com
Date: Fri Mar 12 09:52:39 EST 2004
Site looks great and Rules are fair.
Hope we have lot of Fun

Name: R~A~B
Email: Nworbrab@yahoo.com
Date: Fri Mar 12 23:39:22 EST 2004
Hey guys great site. Luv the idea of fill in pilots. Only question is where do you sign up at. I work alot of hours but would be more than happy to fly with any of the squads here if I'm available. Just let me know where i sign up at. C YA

Name: Falcon
Date: Sat Mar 13 03:25:04 EST 2004
Hey kids...Remember me ?
Just checking out the C4 League