League Rules

Server Setup Rules
1. All official games will have autoexplode running. Squads will agree at least
48 hrs prior to match time which version they will play. If they cannot agree to a
version, then the default will be V2 with the latest version of autoexplode running.

2. Squads will play best of 5 games, 15 min each, unlimited kills. Game Delay will
be set to 2 min.

3. Servers will have passwords. Red and Blue will have different passwords.
Passwords will be mailed to squads and league 48 hrs prior to match time.

4.  Servers will be set up for 10 Players.

Pilot Rules
1. Cheating is not allowed. Any pilot found to be cheating will be banned from
the league, and the pilot's squad loses the match. After 3 cheating incidents in any
season, the league will vote as to whether or not the squad will be ejected from the
league, unless the league admins find that the incidents are irrefutable, in which
case ejection will be immediate.

Currently cheating includes the following known items during league games:
cabling, repeatedly ignoring warnings of invis, game hacking, use of trainers,
server hacking (pinging, scripting, etc).
Pilots are encouraged to be polite at all times, and squads are encouraged to have one
designated leader in each game so that there is no miscommunication during games.

2. Pilots may only belong to one squad that is playing in the league. If a pilot quits
one squad he may join another that is also playing in the league, but he may only
switch one time in any given season.

3. Substitutes are welcome to join a squad during the season, but must give the
league notice so they can be taken off the sub roster. 

Squad Rules

1. Squad must have 5 pilot minimum to join league.

2. Squads wishing to join shall play 2 scrimmages with 5 players, and show up
on time for scrimmages, in order to be qualified to join the league. Scrimmages
shall be scheduled by the league, similar to regular match schedule.

Match Rules
1. Squads will agree to play a scheduled match within 4 days before or 4 days after
a scheduled match date (otherwise known as "target date"). They will agree at least
48 hours prior to match time as to the time and who will serve. If the squads cannot
find a neutral server to play on the league will assign a server; however, they may play
on any server, neutral or not, if they agree to it, and if it meets the server rules. Once
agreed to they will email the league to notify league of time/date at least 48 hrs prior
to match time, using the email address posted in "League Contact" Section.

2. Servers will be set up according to "Server Rules" Section

3. Games will be played 5vs5 minimum.  If agreed to,  games may be 6vs6 or 7vs7. 
If a squad makes arrangements well in advance  (48hrs) to play 4x4,  and the other
squad agrees,  the match is considered the same as any normal  (5x5)  match. If the
squads do not agree in advance, the squad showing up with 4 players will either forfeit
or use their "get out of jail" card for that match.

4.  If a squad arrives at a 5x5 match and does not have the required 5 players within
30 minutes of game time,  they will forfeit, or use their "get out of jail free rule"
and reschedule the match.

5.  "Get out of Jail Free" rule. If a squad does not have the players it needs upon
arriving at a match,  they may postpone the match. However, this rule may only be
used once in any 4 week period. The second occurrence will be a forfeit. The match
that was postponed must be played within 2 weeks.

6. If, for any reason, two opponents cannot manage to arrange to play their assigned
weekly match withing the scheduled week, they will play it within 2 weeks or forfeit.
If there are extenuating circumstances, the league will decide which team forfeits
(or both). During the last 3 weeks of the season, no match will be allowed to be
postponed for any reason; they will either be played or forfeit, and they will be played
on the week that is scheduled.

7. Points will be assigned for each Match. The squad who wins the best of the 5 games
played will receive a score of 1. A match that is a draw will receive a score of 0. A match
that is lost will receive a score of 0.

8. Squads will be expected to take screen shots during the match
(recommend 1 each minute) showing scores. If a game is disputed, this will be
most likely be the only record you have for the dispute to be resolved.

9. If a game is disputed,   and there is no league member available for immediate
resolution of the dispute, an extra game will be played. If the league makes a decision
that the game was void, the extra game will be used in place of it.
An extra game will be played for each disputed game.

10. Each squad will upload end of game screen shots to the league FTP, and email the
league of the results of the match within 3 days of the match.

Rules Rules

1. During the season, Any Squad may petition to have the rules changed by posting
(by squad leader) on league forum a new thread entitled "Rule Change <item>".
If the proposed change is seconded by another squad leader within 2 weeks, the rule
will be put to a vote in another thread by the league. Each squad will then have one
week to cast their one vote on the matter, and a 2/3 or better vote will make the rule
a part of the new rules (or delete or change it, whatever applies). In between seasons,
all rules are up for discussion, and voting (no need for 2nd to put up for vote).

2. As issues come up, the league may decide to put up any rule change to a vote.
Squad leaders will be notified, and the league will post a thread. The squads will
have 1 week to vote on the rule.

Length of League Match Set
1. A set of games (season) will last until one round of single elimination has been
played with one week off sometime during the schedule. The league games will
then be reset to zero and after a 2 to 4 week off-season a new season will begin.

Intent of Rules
The Rules are intended to be straight forward. Intent is to provide a cheat-free
and level playing field so that all the players can enjoy this wonderful game.
The idea is to try as much as possible to reduce the play down to the individual player, rather than technological advantages, game hacking, or software advantages.
Playing in this manner enhances the quality of play, regardless of the built in
problems with internet latency and server lag. We will do everything possible to
keep play based on this principle, and any squads or players that want to be the
best by cheating the others out of their kills, fiddling with their cable
wires, or creating secret software that allows them to appear to be the best will
find that this league is not the place for them.

For this reason we have disallowed certain known macros, and any and all game
hacks (known or unknown). This honorary system also enhances the bond of trust
between all of us, and will eventually only make our league stronger - especially
if we broaden our gaming into other arenas at some future point.

We have done our best to make the rules as concise as possible, and all suggestions
will be considered and appreciated. We especially appreciate the ongoing efforts
to keep the translations up to date (thanks Killme<FWD> !!.

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