League Contact
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rules for season 1

Rules for the league.

1. This item is posted first for your convenience. Currently any notification that league requires is to be sent here: mailto: wipersix@comcast.net. Check weekly as this may change as we are growing.

Server Setup Rules

1. All official games will have autoexplode running. Squads will agree at least 48 hrs prior to match time which version they will play. If they cannot agree to a version, then the default will be V2 with the latest version of autoexplode running.

2. Squads will play best of 5 games,  15 min each, unlimited kills.  Game Delay will be set to 2 min.

3. Servers will have passwords. Red and Blue will have different passwords. Passwords will be mailed to squads and league 48 hrs prior to match time. Passwords will be changed each match.

4.  Servers will be set up to provide two extra players (one red, one blue) so that league representatives may join..

Pilot Rules

1. Cheating is not allowed. Any pilot found to be cheating will be banned from the league, and the pilot's squad loses the match. After 3 cheating incidents in any 3 month period, the league will vote as to whether or not the squad will be ejected from the league. Currently cheating includes the following known items: cabling, repeatedly ignoring warnings of invis.

2. Pilots may only belong to one squad that is playing in the league. If a pilot quits one squad he may join another that is also playing in the league, but he may only switch one time in any given year.

Squad Rules

1. Squad must have 5 pilot minimum to join league.

Match Rules

1. Squads will agree to play a scheduled match within 3 days before or 3 days after a scheduled date. They will agree at least 48 hours prior to match time as to the time and who will serve. If the squads cannot find a neutral server to play on the league will assist in finding a neutral server; however, they may play on any server, neutral or not, if they agree to it, and if it meets the server rules. Once agreed to they will email the league to notify league of time/date at least 48 hrs prior to match time, using the email address posted in "League Contact" Section.

2. Servers will be set up according to "Server Rules" Section

3. Games will be played 5vs5 minimum.  If agreed to,  games may be 6vs6 or 7vs7.  If a squad makes arrangements well in advance  (48hrs) to play 4x4,  and the other squad agrees,  the match is considered the same as any normal  (5x5)  match.

4.  If a squad arrives at a 5x5 match and does not have the required 5 players within 30 minutes of game time,  they may play 4vs4;  however,   if this occurs twice within any 4 week period,  the second occurrence will be a forfeit.

5.  "Get out of Jail Free"   rule.    If a squad does not have the players it needs upon arriving at a match,  they may postpone the match.  However,  this rule may only be used once in any 4 week period.   The second occurrence will be a forfeit.  

6. Points will be assigned for Match Games.  Win = 3,  Draw = 1,  Lose = 0.

7. Squads will be expected to take screen shots during the match (recommend 1 each minute) showing scores.   If a game is disputed,  this will be most likely be the only record you have for the dispute to be resolved.

8. If a game is disputed,   and there is no league member available for immediate resolution of the dispute,   and extra game will be played.   (If the league makes a decision that the game was void,  the extra game will be used in place of it.)

Rules Rules

1. Any Squad may petition to have the rules changed by posting (by squad leader) on league forum a new thread entitled "Rule Change <item>". If the proposed change is seconded by another squad leader within 3 weeks, the rule will be put to a vote in another thread by the league. Each squad will then have one week to cast their one vote on the matter, and a 2/3 or better vote will make the rule a part of the new rules (or delete or change it, whatever applies).

2. As issues come up, the league may decide to put up a rule change to a vote. Squad leaders will be notified, and the league will post a thread. The squads will have 1 week to vote on the rule.

Length of League Match Set

1. A set of games will last 3 months. After 3 months, a winner will be declared and that winner will take the prize. The league games will then be reset to zero, and, after a two week period, a new Match Set will begin. At the beginning of the two week period the league will propose what the prize will be for the next match set, and the squads will have 1 week to vote on it. During any match set period, the league will attempt to obtain software, equipment, or sponsers so that it won't be necessary for the squads to donate toward a prize fund. However, the squads are encouraged to help out in this regard, whether donating themselves or actively finding sponsors to provide prizes. If the prize fund is substantial enough, then prizes will be given to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners.