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Legacy Information

Comanche 4 Information was originally published in 2003 by CO. Reaper ¥DIE¥ as a game help
and tech information sister site for the Get Ranked Program to provide game help for the Comanche 4 community. Those sites were part of the Death is Everywhere Squad sites.

These pages were sourced from the wayback machine and have been re-formatted for the Legacy Project.

The team 4X4 tech page was originally written by  CO. Shadow ¥DIE¥ who found the information to play 4X4 game types in the C4 game files, and created the first 4X4 tdm game maps.

Sparrow's Survival Guide was originally written by sparrow3h after he left Chaos squad just before he Joined Death is Everywhere Squad as XO. Sparrow ¥DIE¥.

The other pages were created by CO. Reaper ¥DIE¥.