We Founded 4xTDM in late 99, (AT SAS)
And its good to see other Squads finally Starting to follow
suit and We can now start with the

We have Altered All Nova Original TDM maps to incorporate
This new style of play , And fix the locking problems that
Plagued our games on certain maps.You can obtain these
Maps from us by email.
4xTeam Death Matches

4xTDM's , 4 Teams of upto 4 Pilots per Team = Complete Chaos

Pilots gunning for you from all directions.

This is how you enable it


Open your C4.cfg file wilth a notepad
(C:/Program files/Novalogic/C4/)
and scoll down to //Multiplayer
Change the following lines





mp_service = 1

mp_difficulty = 0

mp_gametype = 0

maxplayers = 8

dedicated = 1

com_port = 0

baud_rate = 0

max_team_lives = 100

max_kills = 15

team_req = 0 (ok this line is where you select your team) 

....                 (0 = Either , 1 = Blue , 2 = Red , 3 = Yellow , 4 = Violet)


deathmes = 1

replay = 2

time_limit = 25

koth_limit = 5

timeout = 0

mp_numteams    =    2 (this is where you enable 4 teams) Change this line to 4

MPWeaponMasks = 0

showtags = 0

contest = 0



When you load the game , You'll notice that the team preference is
Blank , leave it that way , or you'll lose your selection (if you do lose it) just hit back
then go in again , This Alteration ONLY works if you are the Host , or joining a game
that has already been converted to 4xtdm (doing this and hosting)

If you join a normal server (2 teams) then you will defaut back to either (if you dont
change the blank team preference)

Now about the maps , there are two ways too do this ,

1. put the 4xTdm maps (.bms and .til) into your c4 folder and run them like any other
downloaded map, (there after the original files)

2.You can get the .pff file viewer from checkpointdelta
http://www.checkpointdelta.com/html/menu.html, open the c4odata.pff file(backup first)
and delete all the tdm01.bms - tdm16.bms and .til files and put my 4xtdm maps in.
Then when you serve , it will only show the 4xtdm's in the server cycle.


Available Maps



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