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Primer for new players

So your a new player:
   Welcome to C4 As a new player here is what you need to know. The beep beep boom you experience is from players shooting before you see them. They are using sound to track you down and kill you. Or are shooting you passive from a distance you don't look for them at. You want to get good at C4 ? watch the vet players. Reading a tech page will help. But watching a vet do it is the best way.

How to start:

   Start by making sure your rotor is turned off in game options / sound and playing with head phones. The best server to learn to play in is a death match. You can shoot everyone in the game. And you wont have the sound of team mates cover up enemy players. First thing to know is you have 10 seconds when you spawn to set your weapons. For those 10 seconds you are invincible. As long as you don't fire any weapon. Or respawn firing cannons in the rest of the game you can have players shoot you and you wont die. Most servers play stingers so you want to set your load out to only stingers. With efams you can hold up to 28. If you don't have efams add them. Don't keep the hydras or hell fires.

Go on the hunt:

   After load out its time to fly. Look at the radar. You will see green and yellow arrows. Green is the nearest way point. yellow is the nearest farp to reload. Take off in the lowest fight setting that's the z key. And leave the setting there. Raise your landing gear. To raise altitude your going to use the pop up key {space bar}. If you play with a stick set a button to it. Fly toward the green way point. As you fly stay behind the terrain as much as you can. Use trees, hills and buildings to move across the map. Do not fly in the open if you can help it. And don't stop to look around Use the pop up button to raise up enough to clear the terrain. Listen for other players as soon as you hear one start in the direction the sound comes from.

Time to attack !!!!!!!
   As you fly toward to sound of the other player, start your strafe. You may think its to soon but it takes time to get full speed up. And they may shoot a lot sooner than you think they will. Here's a tip about strafing your going to hit stuff we all do. So turn now and then and see where your strafing to. As the other players sound gets louder take a second to see what you have to use as cover to attack from. are there trees there or a hill were you can pop over and shoot ?. When you attack you need to be strafing hard and climbing in altitude. You want to shoot down at them. As you come out of cover spot the other player as fast as you can. if you can't get a radar lock use your gun site to aim and fire a short burst of stingers. you should be moving in a semi circle around them as you attack. If the terrain is rite fire and drop down behind it as soon as you shoot. Don't stop strafing, if there still alive shoot again this time you will most likely get the radar lock. as soon as you are down to between 12 and 16 stinger drop your efams,{the 8 key on the key board} that's another key to set on your stick. Keep strafing untill they are dead and there's no stingers in the air. If you are in trouble and you know your going to die. Don't go down firing. get your finger off the trigger. You don't want to respawn firing cannons.   

Farping and respawn:

  If you have managed not to get killed and its time to reload, look at the radar that yellow arrow is a farp. That's where you want to go. Try to keep some stingers to shoot if you need to on the way there. listen as you come to the farp if there's another player in the area. Farp so you can face them as you load out. If they come after you fly off the farp in a strafe and fire as soon as you can. If you didn't manage not to get killed. How you repawn doing a spawn rape can get you some kills. Remember the 10 seconds ?. Now it's time to use them. To respawn hit the space bar. After you respawn start counting the seconds you have before you can be killed. set your stingers first, don't take off, don't answer type on the screen don't do any thing but push key 3. If you are being attacked, take the time to get off the farp get in position and shoot the bandit. And you can only farp the same place 1 time. you need to find a new farp to reload.

Learn to  fly:

   C4 is a easy game to fly in, it's like a first person shooter in the air. But new players still need to learn how to maneuver. The more you play the better you will get. Practice strafing as much as you can. Work on strafing both directions. And turning to face players from different directions while you strafe. Watch for players in the distance, it's surprising how far you can kill someone. Don't just sit and look around. When you do other players hear you and shoot you before you can react. Don't fly in the open, you will be an easy target for a passive shot. Don't fly high in the air every 1 in the game can see you. Use the terrain, that means as you fly keep some thing between you and the players you know are there. Stay out of the bottom of canyons, you can't shoot up. When you fly through that type of terrain stay just below the top of the canyon, so you can attack out of it. Strafe over mountains don't fly strait over, as you skyline you are open to attack, if your in a strafe its that much easier to slide back over the other side. learn the maps, one of the fastest ways to improve is know there you are, and what the terrain is. fly some maps by your self so you can see what is there with out getting shot at. Fly as both team colors the maps look different from each side. Remember the less you show on radar the better your chances of a kill. keep your bay doors closed until right before you attack. Control your efams drop them when ever another player surprises you. With out them you have 12 stingers I drop mine at 16 because the extra 4 don't help as much as no efams do. 

Passive targeting:

  Passive targeting is shooting with out a radar lock. Stingers track heat and when a player flies or fires they get hot. It takes a lot of practice to get good at it. To passive target a player in the distance. Aim where you think they will be when your stingers get there, spread the burst of stingers out in front of them. If you aim rite the stingers will lock on and kill them.  You can passive at closer range also. It's not what most of us think of what passive is. But Passive is any time you shoot with out a radar lock. Where you will use it the most is on players just before they come in to radar range. There a few seconds when players attack each other where neither one can get a lock. This is where Passive works the best. if you fire just before the other player, they will fire back. When they do they will heat up, when they do that it will draw the stingers you just fired. You will start to cool down first because you fired first. so the chances of a kill are in your favor.