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Comanche 4 Tech and General Information

Game performance some help for weaker systems.
Comanche 4 is a very intensive system resources using game. The better video card, more memory, and faster processor you have the better you can play. there are some things that players can do to boost the games performance such as turning off any anti-virus program while you play, along with other programs that will use
your resources.

Shut unnecessary programs down in the msconfig startup options:
Windows runs back ground programs that are not on your task bar.
Ctrl,Alt,deleat will show you what programs are running on your computer.

Warning The following tips and tech is for players with a better than basic understanding of computers. If you do
not have the knowledge to make system setting changes do not change the startup programs in msconfig. Un-checking a program the operating system needs to run may make Windows crash and your computer may not restart. Be sure you know what you turn off, if in doubt leave it checked.

Go to the start tab, select run, type in msconfig. When the box opens click on startup tab. You will see all the programs that start when windows does. Most of these will be programs you don't need running at startup.

To find out what the programs are and if they need to run at startup do a search on the internet. Google each item and find out what it does and if it needs to run to startup. To disable the Unnecessary programs from startup uncheck the box for each item you want to turn off.  There are some programs you want running at start up such as virus protection, fire wall and operating system programs. Leave these items checked then save you changes, you will be asked to re-boot, select yes and let Windows re-boot. Once Windows boots up the Unnecessary programs
should be disabled freeing up resources (memory) for better game play.

There are some other things you can do to help C4 run better, the following tips address them.

Run Defrag and scan disc on a regular basis.

Set your personal window settings to use less resources.
   On XP open the control panel/system/advanced/ Performance settings/ choose for best performance.

Reboot often, the longer you play, the more resources comanche 4 uses up. On an average system
   you will see the game lag worse the longer you play. This is not internet latency where your game
   info is lagging behind the other players do to ping or an over loaded server. While that may be taking
   place also this is system performance. The better video card and more memory your system has the
   longer you can play with out rebooting. 

Help your connection:
#1 One of the ways to help get a better connection is to run a scan for spy ware, The less information
     traveling over the line, the more room for your C4 info. Spy ware are little programs that send information
     back to someplace that do things such as tell companies what webpages you have been to. You can download
     a free version of ad-aware to scan for spy ware. Do a search for ad-ware on the internet to find the page to
     download it.

#2  Play in servers with fewer players and a lower ping.

Game versions:
There are two versions of c4. Each version has a different scoring method. The scoring is determined by the version the server is hosting.

Comanche 4, V1.0.1.15
Scoring is Kills = winner. The most kills wins deaths don't affect the scoring except to decide a tie between
players with the same amount of kills. To score a point for a kill the last stinger to take health to 0 must be a
direct hit. When there is splash damage from stingers in this version health can be taking to 0 so the player dies.
If the last stinger to damage is not a direct hit there will be no point even when  the player dies.

Comanche 4, V1.0.1.20
Scoring is kills - crashes = winner, the most kills wins deaths don't affect the scoring except to decide a tie
between players with the same amount of kills. Crashes are subtracted from kills in this version. So a player
that scores 1 kill and crashes would have 0 points, there can be minus points in version 2. It also will score a
crash that didn't happen when you are killed some times. Just as slash damage effects version 1.5  it affects
version 2. The only difference is what the version says caused the splash damage. Version 1.5 doesn't score it version 2 does.

Knowing the game version you log in to may take a few minutes if you are an inexperienced player.
There are 2 messages to watch for that will tell you.

#1 If you see it say a player has ended it all.

#2 it says a player crashed is a sure sign it's a version 2 server.
     If there are minus points on the scores of any player. Or if you can crash and die, then see you lost a point.

Each version is controlled by the exe file. That's the file that says c4 with the game icon on it. Game servers
can change the game version and the scoring by down loading the fixed exe and installing it for the version
they wish to host. Servers can even switch back and forth. And change the version between serving sessions.
Just by using the fixed exe files. Go to Check point delta down loads for c4 to get them.

Game bugs, cheating and weirdness

efam bug:
There is a efam bug where players can drop their efams and keep all 28 stingers. Using this cheat gives the
player a reduced radar sig with the full fire power they wouldn't have if they just dropped their efams.

8 hit health:
The setting in hosting a co op with strength set at easy gives players 8 hit health instead of the 3 hit that is
normal play in death match or team death match. The setting can't be set or changed in death match or team
death match only in hosting for co op,  so yes it's a bug. It gives players an advantage that play that way.
Most of C4 plays at normal health.

cabling :
Some players may be cabling or disconnecting their internet connection momentarily so other players cant see
them. And the host can have enough control over the game to manipulate it if they have the knowledge.

Auto explode:

After Comanche 4 had been released a while. Players discovered the game had a major bug. You could go into
the co op host for multi player and change the strength setting to easy. Then go log in to any death match
or team death match server and play at a much higher health setting. It would take much more to kill the
players that played that way. Nova never has fixed it. C4 was lucky enough to have a player around that could program. Inso of DSS squad made a trainer that runs server side to blow those players up in version 1.5. The
trainer is called auto explode. Later when a cheat was discovered that would let a player type a code in, then
drop there efams to lower there radar signature, but keep the full 28 stingers Inso put a another version of AE
out that made the extra stingers harmless. Most squad servers run AE now.  INSO has made AE to work on both versions of C4 now. Players that want to host AE can download it at check point delta. The latest AE doesn't blow players up any longer. It sets the health to 1 hit.

Invisible players:
This is a game error, Tell the player that killed you they are invisible. If you are the one invisible to fix it you can crash. But in version 2 you will lose a point. Or type the command prompt ~resetgames just as you see it here the tilde key is over the tab key. Don't use caps or spaces.

No points when you kill another player:

In version 1.5 that's the way the scoring can work. You need to attack better, Get an elevated position and fire down on top of them. Finish with cannons, With cannons there are fewer no counts. Some players dodge stingers so well there's not a lot you can do, Slow the micro you are firing may help in some cases. In version 2 there are very few no counts the few you do get are most likely lost packets from the information being sent back and forth between the server and players.

Players warping, flying through hard items or jerking around the screen:
It is almost always lag, over loaded servers or a server that needs to reboot. Remember C4 is uses a lot of resources to play. It takes it's toll on the server, and players the longer they play or serve with out rebooting. Also c4 sends lots of information back and forth between the server and players. The host can serve with a map that the players don't have the files for. That info would be need to be sent to play. The explosions in c4 are very big, and demand a lot to render for the player. All this and more adds up to affect system performance. When it's bad leave the server and reboot, Then find a better server with a lower ping or fewer players.

Points for crashes that did not take place in version 2:

You can play version 1 servers where it wont happen at all. Adjust the tactics and the way you fly in version 2. Try not to get killed close to the ground, and don't make sudden changes in direction or force no counts like you can in version 1.

Hard skin, armour or players you can't kill:
C4 has ghosts, that is players that are not where they appear to be. When players are lagging what you see is not what the server is processing. When there is a big difference in ping time between players or the server has to many players there is hard skin. Players that straf high and hard take many stingers to kill. It is possible to straf out 28 stingers and not die. The best way to kill hard skin is long passive  {kill at a distance with out a radar lock}. Or attack the player when you know there health is down after they have been attacked already.

Becoming stuck in the game:
Some times when players get killed they become stuck in the game and can not repawn, move or do any thing. When this happens, you need to resetgames{~resetgames} After you reload often you will be invisible. It's a good idea to crash and kill your self.

Players showing in the server twice:
Sometimes when you have had to leave a server because of bad lag or CIs, when you log in the second time the first player you logged in still shows in the server. If the game has the server there, they can punt the player who is the error. The error player will not have points awarded to it.

System dumps:
We all get system dumps playing C4. After you get one the best thing to do is reboot.  No one is sure what causes them. The game creates a file when it happens to send to Nova.

Server command prompts:
These are the basic command prompts and what they do. don't type the : the command prompt key is the tilde key its located over the tab  key on most key boards.

~savescores: save scores creates a file with all ending scores on it. Open it with note pad.

~ punt 01: punts a player by there log in number 01,02 03 ect, you have to have a space between the t and the player number, The player will be able to log back in to the game.

~ban 01: does the same as the punt command prompt. But the player will not get back in the server.

~netdelay: A net netdelay sets the info leaving the server the same for all players. That means a dial up would get there info closer to a broadband players time, It also means the broadband player has there's delayed to the slowest player in the room.

~puntcrc : after the netdelay the puntcrc command sets the timing on the players for the delay.

~resetgames : will reload your game so you keep your points. Use it if your invisible or stuck.

Screen shots:
To take a screen shot in the game push the scroll lock key. To view the screen shot try paint. In XP or windows 2000 you will need to use an art or graphics program. Most programs that came with a digital camera will work. The file is located in the root c4 folder it will say SS then some numbers. Or push the print screen key to copy the screen shot
to clip board then paste it in to paint.

player saved file:
All players should back up there saved player file. That file contains all your kills, deaths and personal game settings.. It's the file that a name editor uses when you edit you player name. If you have to do a reinstall of the game you will lose it. If you need to do a reinstall, just copy and paste it some where you can find it. After the reinstall just paste it back. It opens with word pad. It is located in the c4 root folder it says {c4plyr}

Config file:

A file you may need to find if you join a pass worded server is the config file. This file has a place where pass words are stored. If you try to join a pass worded server, and the pass word box wont show to type the pass word in. It is because there is a pass word stuck. To fix it open the config file and scroll down to multiplayer look at the 3 places where pass words are scored {login_password   = "", game_password    = ""
squad_password   = "" }back space the pass word out from between the slash marks. Then save the file. The file is located in the c4 root folder.  If says c4 and opens with word pad.
Game files and tech:
Drop the game screen to the dest top:
Push the windows key or alt/tab keys. Some times c4 wont let you bring up the dest top if the game resolution is the same for the desk top and the game. some players have to set the resolution differently between the two. 

Common terms used in comanche 4 :

1H= 1 hits {the damage it takes to kill you}

3H ==3hits


gg= good game

gga = good game all

g1= good 1

n1= nice 1

nc= no count, not receiving a point when you kill another player

ty= thank you

invis or invisible= players can't see you with site or on radar, player also has no sound.

farp = the area players reload and have damage repaired

farping= the act of using the farp

splash damage= damage to the player from stingers exploding near them.

straf or strafing=   the movment where a player slides side ways

suiside /suiside farp= crashing on perpose to kill your self.

Fire Walls :
To play with most fire walls enabled players need to tell the fire wall to permit the game to pass through it.

These are the ports C4 uses

To set most fire walls to just play through go to the program access settings on the fire wall options and enable the c4 exe to permit it to access the internet.

Here is how to set the Norton fire wall:

Open the fire wall and select the personal fire wall tab. Next select the internet access control. Click on add, and select the folder where c4 is installed{ Novalogic/comanche folder} select the exe file, that's the one with the game icon on it that says c4. when the internet access box opens, check the permit this application to access the internet option, then click ok. Choose one of the applications in the next box and click ok. Now Norton should let you play with out disabling it.