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Legacy information
Koth was unlocked in early 2004, the following page was sourced using the wayback machine
to recover the original KOTH release page from Comanche 4 Information. The downloads
are no longer available.

King of the hill

The information and maps presented on this page. Would not be possible with out dedicated players
that take the time to dig in to c4 and find out what the game can do. The programming for koth was
in the game already. Bane<FWP> and MasterX<BKC> found the information we needed to play this.
Thanks to them we have another game in C4 to play now, Thanks Guys.

What is King of the hill ?.
King of the hill or koth is a game version where you defend an area of the map known as the zone.
The object of the game is to stay in the zone long enough to win.

How to play King of the hill:
Koth plays as a death match.
Players fly to way point 1 that's where the koth zone is located on these maps.
You enter the zone and a timer will appear on your screen.
The timer tells you how far in to the zone you are and how long you have been in the it.

You need to stay in the zone as many minutes as the server chooses for the koth time to win.
Fly out of the zone or get killed and the timer starts counting backward taking the seconds you have
been in the zone off your timer.

If no one stays in the zone long enough to win, the game scores as a
koth first. Players placement will be by with the most time on the timer, then by the most kills scored.

Here are the answers to some questions I have been asked:

Q. Can more than 1 player score time in the zone at the same time ?. 
A. Yes any player that enters the zone scores time on the timer.

Q. How do I find the zone ?.
A. On these maps the zone will spread out around way point 1.
Fly  to wpt 1 and you will see the zone timer start as soon as you enter in to it.

Q. How big is the zone ?.
A. The zone on each map is a different size.
The size is determined by the person who made the map.

Q. How long do I have to stay in the zone to win ?.
A. The time to win is set by the server in the game type utility.
Or the config file.
The default setting is 1 minute.

Q. Does KOTH work on both versions of C4 ?
A. Yes

Q. Does Auto explode work on koth ?.
A. Yes

Q. Is there a King of the hill for team play ?. 
A. Yes, But the timer works different.
And the maps are in the process of being made now.
A team version will be released in a server pack just as this has been.

How to serve the games:
To host koth you need the maps. 
There is also a config utility so you don't need to open the config file.

Down load the koth server pack, and the game type utility unzip all the files in to the C4 root folder.
Create a short cut for the game type utility and place it on your desk top.

To serve the game, open the game type utility and make your selections.
Then use it to start the game. When the server options for the game come up, the game type choice
will say {Element List H_GSTYPF} and the maps will show just like any other game type.
When you make your game option settings remember the game time and number of kills will override
the koth settings. So give the game time to play. I am setting mine at 30 minutes for koth and 60 kills.
When all your settings are ready launch the game and play. 
Servers will find the information to edit the config with note pad in the server pack . 
You will not have to do that if you use the game type utility.

There are 12 maps in this servers pack. The maps are designed to host around 6 to 8 players.
They offer various terrains and environments and are all custom made for koth.
Players that want to make there own can down load a tech page with all the information you
will need here also.  Grab the C4 med while your at it. This is the latest release and will put
the attributes in the mis file so you don't have to mess with it the way we did. 
A special thanks to Pappy for helping with the the med .
The game type utility is by Bane >FWP> as is the med.

• Game type utility (by Bane<FWP>)

• King of the hill mappack (by CO. Reaper ¥DIE¥)

• C4 med version 4 (by Bane<FWP>)
This is the latest updated med from Bane<FWP>.
It is version 4 and been debugged Download updated 3/4/04