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Multiplayer Tips

The game versions score differently:
Players need to keep a few things in mind, when they play. #1 know how the scoring works. In version 1.5 to score
a point the last stinger to take the other players health to 0 must be a direct hit. That means if it blows up in the area around them it will cause splash damage. if the other player receives enough splash damage they will die. But the player who fired wont score a point. This is not a game bug or mistake. It's how the scoring works.
This is why you kill players and don't score a point!!!. 

Almost all the servers are hosting Version 2 now. There a few no counts in version 2. It scores splash damage as
a point. This also means most players are using much faster micros when they fire.The last stinger doesn't need to be a direct hit. So they unload much bigger stinger loads when they fire. There are also many more players camping than did in version 1.5. In version 1.50 the players that camped were killed much easier than in version 2. So you need to adjust the way you attack to how the other players are playing. Also version 2 penalizes players who fly aggressively with error crashes when you die. the scoring will subtract a point saying you crashed when you did not. Try not to make a sudden direction change while you are strafing that is one of the things that draws the error scoring.

Pick your flight path:
Where you fly and how makes a difference.  Speed and position are the 2 most important things to remember.
Most players fly Strait to way point 1. Try to use this to your advantage, Take an out side  flight path. You will
have fewer players fight you at once and you will have more choices in how you attack. All so the best place to fly around hills and mountains in just under the the ridge line still out of site, But a short pop up to attack the other side.  Take long shots, Passive targeting is shooting with out a radar lock. Stingers track heat if you can aim in the area the other player will be, when your stingers get there they can lock on and kill them.  Get out of the group when your playing team death match. You can't hear well enough when a team mate is close.  When your in a
group the first thing to do is start flying away from them.

How to attack in version 1.5:
Using sound to locate the other player is how to start. Using the terrain to stay out of site, fly in the direction you hear them. As you get closer start your strafe.  With enough practice you will be able to judge exactly where they are and how far. When you think you are close enough start your strafe. As you pick up speed raise your altitude
the ideal place to be is shooting down on top of them. As you come up be ready to fire. When you see them. Face them and strafe in a circular motion around them. Keeping splash damage in mind   Fire 4 to 6 stingers at a time
get the nose of your helo up after you fire. Wait a few seconds and if they are still alive fire again. If you are successful and you have efams this is when you need to drop them. And start heading to reload. When you see a player at high altitude don't  fire. Every one else  can see them to.  It takes to many stingers to kill them. And
every one else will be firing to. The secret to playing version 1.5 well is always to attack out of a hard fast straf.

How to attack in version 2:

You use sound the same way as in version 1.5. How ever since there are a lot more players camping and the faster micros are making the servers more laggy you need to fly a bit more cafefully. Learn where the players like to camp. Either avoid those areas or watch and passive target them when they pop up to attack another player. The old way of strafing on top of them to shoot will not work as well for 2 reasons. Some of them are spamming flairs in to the terrain to make it hot. On the players that do that you can fire 28 stingers and not kill them. They need to get up higher before you can kill them at times. The other reason is the same as it was in version 1.5. They will drop back behind the terrain and the stingers will hit the terrain or what ever there hiding behind in front of them. To attack the players that don't camp. Get elivation on them and fire 8 to 12 stingers while you straf hard side ways. Don't
put your nose up after you fire. Controle your efams is soon as there are 16 or less stingers left drop them.

Stingers, Micros and Lag:
Most newer players will find that if you slow your micros ie repeat speed down. You will score more kills in version 1.5, The reason is there needs to be a short pause between stingers. when you fire a burst of stingers to close together, they explode in to the ones in front of them as the first ones come in to contact with the other player. Experiment with different speeds till you find one that  is most effective. In version 2  splash damage scores as a point. So that space you need between the stingers does not matter. Firing a full burst of 28 stingers set at a fast micro lags the game more than any other thing. It also causes no counts in version 1.5.  Dealing with lag is one of the hardest things a player does. The best way to fly a laggy server is with no efams.  And stay just out side of the hot battle areas.  Passive target was many players as you can.  shoot small burst of stingers and never fire during
a ci.  When you see players warping, flying through mountains and other weird  stuff  it's lag. Its not from players cheating.

Avoidance, defense and some tips :

Strafing is the key to lowering your death count. Most newer players strafe to late and not best the way. Start strafing before you attack, It takes a few seconds to get up to full speed once you start.  As your speed  picks up raise your altitude,  if you see the player firing on you, face them and strafe in a semi circle with them toward the middle and your nose up. Watch the stingers as they come in, Try to stay on top of them. Don't use your flairs in version 1.5, you auto flair already. If you fly in 3rd person you can see it. The last flairs you drop will draw that last stinger to you, Players that force no counts in version 1.5 use the angle of straf to get the last stinger from being
a direct hit.  Keep your landing gear up and bay doors closed. Use stealth fly low until you engage the other player. hills, mountains and buildings mask you on radar. Use trees and other hard objects to catch in coming stingers. listen for the radar lock of a passive shooter as soon as you hear it or see stingers coming from a distance start climbing and face where there coming from. most of the time the shot is spread out and you don't have to dodge
as many.  In version 2 the game play has changed. Players are using the fastest micros they can to score the
splash damage kills. And because so many more camp,  players need to use the terrain more than in version 1.5. When you are fired on you can spam flairs as 2 will score splash damage any way. So the more flairs between you and the player that fired. The longer you will live. The best defence is a good passive game. the farther away you
kill other players the harder you are to kill by them. When you fire it creates heat. That heat draws stingers. Try to fire and then drop behind cover if you can. Or start flairing when you attack.

Respawn invincibility:

Players have 6 seconds of invincibility after respawn if they don't fire there weapons, That gives you time to get in position to kill base raiders. If you are firing when you spawn you can be killed.

Ping, picking a server and what version of the game are they running ?
When you log in to Nova and view the servers. Next to the server there's a number or it says unknown. The number is a ping or the time it takes your information to travel to the server. the lower the number the better you can play. Unless the server is overloaded with players. Unknown ping is the result of a router or fire wall blocking the ping. they could be right next door. As a rule the fewer players in the server the better the server will run. Players should know You will know a version 2 server as soon as you see either of these messages come up. players name crashed or ended it all. those messages mean the server took a point away for crashing. The problem is it will do it when
you don't crash also. Few servers are using version 1.5 now. That's really to bad. As a player that forced no counts and likes to play aggressively that version was much more fun for me as it was a lot of other players. Version 2 is what most wanted so that's the way it goes.