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Player ranking and stats recovery:

As part of the Get Ranked History, The Wayback Machine web-archive was researched in an effort to recover the original ranking and player game stats pages to re-publish them, however a number of original pages and/or parts
of the recovered pages were lost {not available in the wayback machine archive} so it is not possible to re-publish the original site as it appeared back then.

What was recovered was sourced into one webpage. Because all data from the last 2 months the program ran is missing, as well as some player game stats and various ranking data, The player rankings and game stats do not represent the players final game stats and ranking when the program ended

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Program History
Authored by Reape

Web sites and program information:

Get Ranked was a multi-player ranking, game statistics and player help/information program that ran in 2003/2004. It was to the best of my knowledge, the first such program used in Comanche 4. The program was introduced
in May of 2003 using 2 web sites, the Get Ranked website published player ranking and player stats recorded from the Get Ranked game server. The second web site Comanche 4 information, was a player game help and tech site. Both sites were published by CO. Reaper ¥DIE¥, courtesy of Death is Everywhere Squad.

The original stats and ranking (Get Ranked web site and game server) ended in December 2003 due to players fighting over splash damage scoring in game version V1.0.1.15. A objective based game play (playing against ai instead of other human players) version was tried as a replacement ranking program in January of 2004, however there was little interest and the program was scraped after the first month in operation. At that time both the Get Ranked web site and game server were discontinued. The Comanche 4 Information site remained as part of Death is everywhere squad site.

Every player who finished a game on the Get Ranked server had their game stats published on the Get Ranked website. To collect game stats the Host used the C:\Program Files\NovaLogic\Comanche 4\c4.exe" /s Command line function (save scores) to start the server saving the game scores to a text file located in the game root folder. Typically the computer was rebooted once every 24 hours, the scores were retrieved and the server was started again.

The scores for each player (number of games played, kills scored and deaths received) were hand typed into a spread sheet under that players name, calculated then updated on the website again by hand, The website was updated anywhere from a day or two after the games were played, to as long as week later. Because the program was small with close interaction between the program admin and the players, some players played under aliases and had the game stats compiled under the player name the rest of the community knew them by. Players had responsibility to keep track of their own stats, so if their was a mistake they could report it. When a mistake was reported, the host would check the saved scores files then correct the stats in the spread sheet and the website.

All players started the program as a General Player. As a General Player they did not receive any type of ranking or awards, they only had thier game stats (kills,deaths and games played listed on the web site. Once they had played 20 games or reached 150 kills they would advance to the Ace pilot levels.

Aces Pilots received 3 rankings.....

#1. Ace level ranking awarded by number of games played and/or games played.

#2. Experience Ranking as a either a Advanced player with a (= to or positive kill to death ratio), or as a Intermediate player with a negative kill to death ratio, All Players earned Advanced player rank when they reached ACE Level 2.

#3. Skill ranking awarded using the player kills - deaths ÷ games played as the ranking formula. The rank was the number returned by the formula, negative numbers were given.

Ace ranking was designed to push players to compete against themselves as opposed to a typical latter type ranking. Players could level up (earn higher rank) simply by the number of games played or number of kills scored. The more games they played or the more kills scored the higher Ace level rank they earned. While Aces received 2 other types of rankings their Ace level ranking was the most important rank they earned the idea being there was no real way to rank players by skill, with various pings, the different computers used by players, some with much better specs than others the best way to award ranking was by time played, the more time played the higher a player should be ranked.

The Ace Levels included two sets of levels (ACE levels 0-10) and (Master ACE level 0-10). Being a Master Ace was a true accomplishment requiring many hours of time spent playing in the server.

Ace level requirements:
Ace level 1= 200 kills or 30 games
Ace level 2= 300 kills or 40 games
Ace level 3= 400 kills or 50 games
Ace level 4= 500 kills or 60 games
Ace level 5= 600 kills or 70 games
Ace level 6= 700 kills or 80 games
Ace level 7= 800 kills or 90 games
Ace level 8= 900 kills or 100 games
Ace level 9= 1000 kills or 110 games
Ace level 10= 1100 kills or 120 games

Master Ace level requirements:
Master Ace = 1101 kills or 121 games
Master Ace level 1=1300 kills or 121 games
Master Ace level 2 = 1600 kills or 150 games
Master Ace level 3 = 1900 kills or 180 games
Master Ace level 4 = 2200 kills or 210 games
Master Ace level 5 = 2500 kills or 240 games
Master Ace level 6 = 2800 kills or 270 games
Master Ace level 7 = 3100 kills or 300 games
Master Ace level 8 = 3400 kills or 330 games
Master Ace level 9 = 3700 kills or 360 games
Master Ace level 10 = 4000 kills or 390 games

Rank patches and award graphics:
The original ranking pages included custom award graphics presented to players as part of the Get Ranked Program,
The awards included bars awarded for the number of kills scored and games played. Rank patches for each Ace level
completed and a number of awards available to be awarded at the program hosts discretion.
{Note: The award graphics were not recovered}

Player game tactics and player profile pages:
It was standard for Get Ranked to list a players known game tactics with their game stats. A small number of players also had a player profile page created as part of the program. The profiles were voluntary and required the player submit the information they wanted on the page, generally only the most active players in the program took the time to send the information needed to create the profile page.

New players get a break:
At the time Get Ranked ran new players often found it very frustrating to try and live long enough while playing multiplayer to learn how to play. In Get Ranked emphasis was placed on helping new players learn the game and it was common knowledge veteran players could take control of the game (Get Ranked Server) stop game play and give a new player who had wondered into the server tips and walk them through the game settings. In some cases they even gave the new player direct game training.

Typically the training worked like this, One of the experienced players would recognize a player was in-experienced and would text using the game screen to the other players that the new player needed some help. The other players could either help or go play another server while the training was going on.

The game would stop, the new player was giving instructions to leave the server to make game setting changes most didn’t have set correctly (such as setting sound so they could hear the other players) then come back. Once they returned the other players generally trained them in how to track and attack other players, then played giving up some kills to the new player while they leaned how to attack and score kills.

When the game was stopped to help a new player one of the players helping would send an email, message me on yahoo or text me on the game screen if I was around, telling me they were training a new player,  who was helping so the kills they gave up didn't effect their game stats while they were helping the newbie. They still received credit for games played and there was also an award placed in their player awards for helping the new player.

Server, rules and map information:

The Get Ranked server hosted a 4 player death match running game version V1.0.1.15, All maps hosted were custom (created by Reaper) and designed for the small number of players the server could host at one time. The server ran with Auto Explode enabled and players often waited for a slot to open so they could join the server.

A number of conduct rules (posted on the Get Ranked site) were enforced on the server if a player was causing trouble or breaking the rules, generally they received a warning using a text message sent from the host on the game screen. If they continued to cause trouble they were punted. The few players who continued to cause trouble
or break the server rules would be banned by ip and a permanent banned list was kept on the server to keep them out.

The server’s peak playing hours were from about 10:am - 10:pm PST during the weekends and from 4:00 pm - 10:00 pm week nights.

Server rules

#1 No accusing others of cheating.
If you think someone's 8H log out and try to come in 8H.

#2 No complaining about no counts. No counts are part of the game.
Learn to fly to avoid them, and score points.

#3 No flaming or unsportsmanlike like conduct. Bad mouthing other
players or the server will get you banned.

#4 Camping and suicide farping will be tolerated,
How ever server does not indorse that type of play.

#5  Sever will only host 4 players at a time.

#6 All players must have a recognizable call sign, 
griffons and other generic call signs will not be scored.

#7 This is a game!!! different players will have different pings and play when the room
is harder than other times when all is said and done the winner is who had the most fun!!!!!

General program rules:
Players had to play at least one game every 60 days for their stats to stay on the website and at
least one game every 30 days to remain ranked and receive awards.