Comanche 4 Legacy Project

The History Of Comanche 4 and the C4 Community 

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Squad Dossiers

A Squad Dossier is a limited data squad profile, researched and written by the Legacy Project Coordinator.
The goal is to provide a dossier for every squad to fly Comanche 4, listing squad members, squad tag as
used in game, time frame the squad was active, squad logo, links to squad archives and any other
pertinent information as it pertains to the squad's history.

Dossiers are dependent upon the project coordinator locating a source of information to complete the dossier. Sources include archived squad sites, game screen shots, ect. Squads
are not required to provide
information, however any information would be appreciated, as not all squads have enough information available to create the dossier.

The project coordinator is creating the pages using
public domain information, however
some dossiers contain graphics from the squad site archive, a representative of the squad is welcome to
contact the project to have those graphics removed or have the page edited to add, remove or correct
any information if they choose.

Squad links:
A crossed out Squad name in blue bold type {
squad name} is the result of the project being
unable to locate a source of squad information, so that squad has no dossier to access. If there is an incomplete web page, Language barrier or other issue the squad was linked to the source.


1st Air Cavalry

Air Defenses Squadron

Air Prowlers squadron

Assault Second Edition

Best Players Squad

Black Knights Collective

Black Sheep Squadron

Comanche 4 Veterans link

Comanche Attack Squadron

Comanche Fighter Squadron

CHAOS Squadron

Comanche Independent Alliance

Comanche Killing Squadron

Creatures Of Night Squadron

Death Is Everywhere Squadron

Deep Strike Squadron

European Fighter Alliance

EFS link

French For Fun Squadron

Friends United Squadron

Fighting War Devils Squadron

Fight With Pride Squadron

Independance Squadron

Irish Fire Squadron

Issue Silent Assault link


LMB Squadron

Low Altitude Warfare Squadron

Lords Fighter Squadron

Lone Wolf Assassains

Lightning Raiders Squadron

Natural Born Killers link

National French Team

NOTAP squadron link

Rogue Comanche Squadron

Solidstrike squad

Silent Assault Inc Squadron

Secret Attack Squadron

Squad V 23 link

Shadows Of Night Squadron

Spanish Power Team Squadron

Special Tactical Forces Corp Squadron
Tetra Hostile Commandos

Team Poland link

United Fighting Spirits link

Elite Pilots of the United States Air Force link