Comanche 4 Legacy Project

The History Of Comanche 4 and the C4 Community 

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Player and Community Members Dossier
Last updated November 1st 2011

An Introduction
By Reaper and BTR

With very little support from Novalogic, members of the community at different times have created all the mods,
utilities, game enhancements and hosted most of the game servers over the years. There have been a number of
players who need to be mentioned when looking back at the C4 community and how it affected the game in general.
This page is dedicated to them.

Legacy Information
Some members of the community may not be listed and credited as they should be. The author does
not have all the background or knowledge of every player or event that took place in Comanche 4 over the last
10 years.

The C4 community is welcome to add person's they believe should be credited or stand out for
community involvement.

To add a someone, send the info to Reaper in a email, so I can add them to the dossier and update the page.
Submit a Community Member.

Paul Wenze:
AKA Sentinel, Anthony, Rustinsk was the Founder of CheckPointDelta. Paul also created maps/missions and made a PDF file explaining
how to add sound dialogs to user created missions, he also (along with WATKINS) coded and created a terrain viewer to see all the terrains
to use for map creation.

One of the first moderators and now an admin at CPD, he has provided help with map/mission building for years, answering questions and pointing players to the resources they need. He also created C4 User Mission Editor Guides for players to download to walk them through how to use the med. He is the author of CPD's most downloaded maps, Omaha & Omaha II Map Pak - a C4 Map and it's update.

Viper: The Front Door to Viper's Pit was the first fan site for created for Comanche 4, Viper a former C3 player did not think the scoring released with C4 was fair {no points lost for crashes or deaths}and was a strong voice to changing the scoring. Nova did change the scoring
with the release of the armed forces pack and the release of C4 for download. Vipers site included helps pages, pilot pictures, latter of skill
and other player related information.

FwO Raven:

Created the Pff Utility used to access the games unique file system to add and remove game files.

Col. Pappy:
Col. Pappy, of Nova sheep squad unlocked one of the map creation meds making more options available to use, he also released a bms to mis file converter used to access the stock nova maps to understand how some of the maps were created.

Released a no/cd patched .exe file  so players didn't need to use the game cd while playing, protecting the game disk from damage and wearing out requiring players to buy a second game disk to play a game they already paid for.

Used backward programming to dig into C4 and give map makers and players interested in mod creation the first big step to unlock hidden games in C4. He also released a game set up utility to make it easier to host 4X4 TDM, TOTH, KOTH game types in game version V1.0.1.15.

Master X:
Helped unlock hidden game types in and helped open up game modding in C4.

A member of CFS, he was the creator of the player manager and server manager for game version V1.0.1.20 and released an updated
version of the TKOTH hill map pack originally created and released by Reaper ¥DIE¥ fixing some of the map errors in the original maps.

Made many maps for c4 and ran a open server of his custom maps, and maps created by other players. Rab also helped numerous players learn to play, was always the first person to help when a player was having trouble with their game files rather it was installing a mod,
hosting a server or many other problems faced by Comanche players. As a side note  =FUN= squad awarded Rab the friendship medal.

A member of DSS, Inso created Auto Explode (AE) the first real anti-cheat for C4 game Version 1.5 later he would also release a version
for game version 2. The utility was updated at numerous times to stop the 8 hit COOP setting from being used in the other multiplayer
game types, and from players exploiting the efam bug. He also created and released other game utilities for the game that enhanced game
play including: a serve and play utility that would let a server change between dedicated and serve and play on the fly.


Known as ZAK the map maker, Zak released the first full complete game expansion for Comanche 4.
For players that don’t know there were 3 or 4 game expansions being worked on at different times that for one reason or another did
not get released or in one case was released by a player with out permission from the player who created it and it was recalled.
Zak also created many single player maps for Comanche 4.

For years Blue (also known as BTR) was a mod, then an admin at CPD. When Paul passed away in 2008, Blue took over CPD, changed
the domain from .com to .net, and continued Paul's desire to keep the information accumulated over the years available to everyone. Blue, with the help of Bane, DV and DevilsClaws was able to find out how to add new items to C4. That information opened a whole new world
to C4 modders because up to that point, no one had been able to do so. Dr. Evil Tag later worked with Blue to program a tool to change
the 3DI file created by Nova's Modding Tools without the need to use hex editing software.

A member of SAS and later ASE squad, Killer was involved in creating some of the first tournaments played in C4, using his website to publish most of the information and results about the tourneys.

aka Shadow<SAS>, aka CO. Shadow ¥DIE¥ while a member of <SAS> was the first player in Comanche 4 to unlock the game settings located in the config file to host 4 team tdm, then created the first maps using all 4 team color start markers, shadow also converted many of the nova's stock tdm maps to 4X4 format adding the yellow and violet start markers those maps needed to play them in 4X4
format, the maps were made available on the ¥DIE¥ squad site.

aka Reaper<SAS>, aka CO. Reaper ¥DIE¥ aka Reaper-NCS- created and hosted Get Ranked, the first Comanche 4 player ranking and
stats used in multiplayer for C4. Hosted Comanche 4 Information and wrote most of the game tips and tech pages for the website.
Created and released the Night vision mod and new evn mod pack for C4, the pack gave C4 the first simulated infra-red night vision maps
available in C4. Released the 1hit mod, Oddessy Mod {in beta} for C4, and created many maps made available to the community.
While he is too modest to admit it, he IS the single driving force behind this legacy project. Without him, it could be argued that our legacy would be lost.

aka Wiper<LRS> aka Nakulak«THC» was a strong voice in the C4 comunity and one of the admins behind the C4 league, 
Natulak maintained the C4 league website and wrote or linked to outside pages the game tips and tech available there.


aka Sparrow3h aka Sparrow<CHAOS> aka XO. Sparrow ¥DIE¥  was author of Sparrow’s Survival Guide, the most popular goto for
game play information ever released.

To Be Continued :