Official NovaWorld Squad Lists
Legacy Information
The Squads listed here include Comanche 3 squads who were listed under Comanche 4 on the
Official Novaworld squad pages. At the time nova was slow to update the squad page.
At times it took up to 5 or 6 months to get a new squad listed.
Non-Comanche 4 squads are noted on the pages.

In 2003 Nova required login to access Novaworld, Squad pages were not
available on the wayback archive after Nova required login.
List from March 2002
21th United,
Forces Elite,
Storm Riders and
Super Nova Soldiers
not Comanche 4 squads
List from November 2002
21th United,
915 ESF
Blue Nova,
were not
Comanche 4
List from April 2003
915 ESF and
Elite Special
were not
Comanche 4 squads,
List from August 2003
915 ESF, Elite Special and Fighting Spitfires
were not Comanche 4 squads,