Comanche 4 Legacy Project

The History Of Comanche 4 and the C4 Community 

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Legacy Project News and Information

Welcome to Legacy....
This project has been over a year in the making, The backbone of the project is in place
and Legacy is open for community input, feel free to make requests, include
your own game data, information or commentary. 
While most of the data added the site was recovered from the public domain, Legacy will remove any
data the copyright holds wants removed.

In Legacy you will find the most complete website every created for Comanche 4 waiting for you
But first I would like to thank Bluetiereign for donating CPD for the project and thank Red Baron<SAI> for
donating SAI game data, with out the data much of the squad information would not be possible.
Enjoy the site

November 6th 2011 update
Map, Mission and Game Mod Creation History section added including new pages:
Map/mission Creation History page
Mod Creation History, Page1 {Modding History},
Mod Creation History Page 2 {Event Time Line}

November 1st 2011

Legacy goes live!
Squad Domains are setup and available to use!
These domains are for squads to create thier own history or live squad page.
contact Bluetiereign to access your domain, Legacy will create your site if you ask.
Pages have been created or linked for:
SAS, DIE, SAI and USF squad domains.
The Squad Dossiers are completed, If your squad has no dossier I need information from another
source that I can't find. The players Dossier is a work in progress with a number of members of the
community listed with more to come, and the Players Memorial is Complete.

The Comanche 4 Information site, Die Squad 4X4 TDM release page, KOTH/TKOTH
release page, Die Squad 4X4 tourney page, Get ranked player ranking and stats, and Pit Fighters
One on One Ranking ladder were recovered from the
wayback machine archive, restored and re-published at Legacy.

Squad screen shots and competition data has been collected from numerous places, sorted
and published to Legacy.

The Comanche 4 Missions site by Bryon Smith, FWD squad game settings page, Comanche 4
FAQ/Strategy Guidepage, Comanche 4 Manual and the Battle of the best Competition site
has been linked to.

Squad and resource sites archived at the Wayback machine archives have been linked
to {via squad dossiers} and a links page.

Commentary pieces on NovaLogic and the Comanche Series Background, Comanche 4 Development
and Release, Game problems and the community, No Counts a community divided, Get Ranked history,
C4 League history have been written for Legacy, and a Comanche 4 trivia challenge quiz
was added for your enjoyment.

What's planned in the first update:

Most of what I wanted in the project has been completed, The next update should include
community input, if there is any, and I plan to add some map and
modding commentary on community members and the game in general.