Comanche 4 Legacy Project

The History Of Comanche 4 and the C4 Community 

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General Project FAQ

What is the Legacy Project ?

The  project is intended as a web biography and complete history of Comanche 4 and the C4 community, including NovaLogic background, C4 development, general game information, and community history as it relates to squads, players and the game in general. Content includes commentary about players, map makers, modders, and other members of the community. The project provides archives for game tech, game tips, game scores, player ranking and league competition fan sites.

What is a Squad Dossier ?

The Squad Dossier is a limited information page researched and created for each squad by the project Coordinator. Ideally the dossier will list squad members, the general time frame the squad was active and other basic information. Squad members are welcome to submit information, but are not required to.

What are the quad sub-domains and history sites ?
Each Squad past and present has been given a sub-domain (webspace) at Checkpointdelta free from outside moderation. The only requirment is no foul language or nudity. Squads can use the site any way they like, The onwer of CPD would like to see the squads create a brief squad history, show some game scores and screen shots. To access the FTP for your subdomain contact BTR and he will give you the login details.

I want a squad history site, but can't build a webpage, Will you help me with it ?
Yes, Legasy would like to see each squad use their domain, If you need help with the page contact Reaper and explain what you
need help with, legacy will even create the site using the colors, information and content you want on your site.  

What is a player dossier
There have been a number of Comanche 4 players who have provided game enhancement, servers, and other note worthy achievements over the years. The Member Dossiers are commentary pieces about these players. What they did and how they
helped C4 over the years. The project is going to create these pages, However the community is welcome to nominate or create these also. Just contact Reaper to submit a nomination or to submit the information about the player.

Who does the Article and Biography pages ?
The author of each page is included in the page heading, Anyone is welcome to create a article or biography and the project will add  it to the site.

What are the wayback machine archives ?

The wayback machine is a non-profit organization that was founded to build an Internet library. Typically  it uses software to crawl websites and record the pages., then archive what was recorded. The Legacy Project uses those archives to research information for the project pages presented here.

Why is the Legacy Project linking to the wayback machine archived pages ?

Most of the old websites are no longer available online, The wayback machine is the only source to see the pages.  Do to
copyright and common courtesy issues Legacy linked to the pages instead of copying them so anyone that wanted to see the
old pages could do so with out having to spend the time to search for urlís to try and find them on their own. We are aware of the
long load time the pages take to see them, the broken links and other issues involved with the archived pages..

Any of those archived website creators is welcome to have Legacy recover their sites, clean up the pages, fix the links and
re- publish the sites here.

Community Input, whatís needed !
This is a community project itís about Comanche 4, our history and the game in general. You can add anything you think is pertinent.
Submit a game article, tech piece, a player profile, a game story, screen shots. Any game, squad, or community content you think should be included in the project. Just donít make it a personal attack aimed at another player or squad. if there are any questions feel free to post at